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       Xinghua xingyuan cast steel co., LTD,Is specializing in the production of silica sol precision casting、Building materials、Thermal power、Metallurgy、Heat treatment、Heat resistant chemical and other industries、Wear-resisting、Corrosion resistant steel manufacturers。 

        Production technology innovation,The equipment is advanced,The physical and chemical detection means complete,Has a complete quality guarantee system。Existing optical chamber、Laboratory,With a strong mechanical processing capacity。Organize production in strict accordance with national standards and user requirements,Products registered trademarks“ZX”Zhengxing brand。

       In recent years,Materials research institute in Shanghai、Southeast university、Nanjing、Hefei cement industry design and research institute and other scientific research units under the guidance of experts,Constantly introducing new technology、The new process、The new material,Made a big effort to import spare parts localization。In the building materials industry with dozens of companies at home and abroad to establish a good business relationship,Provides a variety of heat-resistant wear-resistant parts,And all the year round with tianjin、Nanjing court、Chengdu hospital、Hefei institute、Conch group、China resources group、Vanda group、Fish peak group and other large enterprises supporting,Proved by using can replace imported accessories,Products are exported to more than a dozen countries,Got foreign customers consistent high praise。The company according to the different temperature、Different working conditions,Select ideal material for the user。

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    "A total of development,With a profit"The concept of faithful practitioners。
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